CrossFit Kids/Teens Trial Class

Thu, 10 Mar 2022
March 31, 2022
CrossFit Kids/Teens Trial Class

We are going to be running a trial class on sat 19th March at 9am for all age groups.

We are currently looking at running a 3:45pm class on a Tuesday and a 9am class on Saturday and maybe one other day depending on the interest in this trial

We will have 2 age groups. Kids 7-11 and then teens 11-14.
These are just guidelines as the developmental needs of each age group are different and the 2 age groups can crossover. We have had 9 year olds ready for teens class and 12 year olds who still partake in the kids class. Everyone has a different journey so we just adjust for the child.

If the trial is a success we will then offer 3 payment options

1 class pass $18 - (2 week expiry)
5 class pass $75 - (8 week expiry)
10 class pass $120 - (14 week expiry)

Each child will be require to have a pack as they can’t be shared.

To register your kids please fill in the attached form.

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