Sagitta Triples Covid Update

Wed, 02 Mar 2022
March 31, 2022
Sagitta Triples Covid Update

We have been busy preparing to host what is set to be WA’s best comp (in my opinion of course!)

With Covid being a hot topic I have been keeping a keen eye on the situation and what is required from us and I wanted to update everyone to ease your minds of any drastic changes.

We will be following exactly what is required of us according to the law and not our own interpretations.

A key factor on deciding to do this event outside was that we had less restrictions than if indoors. As it currently stands the event will be well below 500 people and we have approval to run the event as we intended. We have more than enough space to accomodate. We will be capping the comp at 100 teams! This is to keep the total numbers down as to allow for spectators, judges, volunteers and store holders and to make sure we don’t go close to breaking the over 500 mark. We want to have a great vibe as well as a good amount of spectators and feel this is a perfect number to allow that.

The only thing we are required to do is keep a contact register. We will allow plenty of space for everyone and will be constantly cleaning Equipment. Everyone will also have to adhere to the current covid rules if we are still in phase 2 restrictions which will be mask wearing outside and a 2 square meter rule.

Of course things can change and we will keep everyone up to date the best we can. We are determined to make this comp great and can’t wait to see you all on the day!!

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