You dont have to be extreme, just consistent

Tue, 01 Mar 2022
March 31, 2022
You dont have to be extreme, just consistent

There is one thing above all else that will ensure you succeed in achieving your health and fitness goals and it is how consistent you are in turning up!

You don’t need the perfect program. You don’t need the perfect diet. You definitely do not need the latest equipment. You just need to consistently show up! Some days you will feel great and other days you won’t but the most important part is that you will be there doing the work. 

I have been training clients for over 10 years and the amount of binge training I have seen and the lackluster results is unbelievable. I can’t even count the times I have written the perfect program for myself! Everything I need to achieve every hope, dream and athletic goal I could possibly think of just to crush it for 2 weeks and then fall off the bandwagon. This could be from the time available to train, life stresses, the training not being fun, no motivation, nobody to train with so no accountability etc.  There are so many reasons! I would often ask my clients, “What is the best program for you? The perfect program or the program you’ll follow?” The answer is inevitably the one that you will follow. We often get crippled by the vast array of training options, programs and coaches available but if we keep it simple and consistently turn up to class for 3-5 times per week without excuses and just do the work the results you see will truly astound you. 

For 90% of us we need the program to be effective, to be fun, to have friends to train with and to have help/guidance from qualified coaches to ensure we are safe. This is why I have always resorted to consistently following the daily Crossfit program. I have always felt the best when doing this and also managed to get the best results even though it wasn’t the most perfectly customized individual program, it was fun, dependable and I saw amazing results because I had the motivation to just turn up and do the work!

If you find you are that person who jumps between different programs, changes gyms, goes all out and over trains, I challenge you to set yourself a goal of consistency. Maybe just start at 3 sessions per week and just nail that! Sure, you may get sick or have an appointment you can’t miss and every so often you will miss a class but if you are turning up and doing the work consistently week to week this will have no effect. If you start with 3 then move to 4 or 5 classes. Whatever you feel you can sustain. The important thing is you turn up and nail that habit for 6 months and you’ll be absolutely blown away by what you can achieve and how simple, enjoyable and effective training this way is and how quickly it becomes a part of your lifestyle and a normal part of your week.

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