Amy Andersson

Amy Andersson


Squat: 100kg DL: 135kg Snatch: 57.5kg C&J: 77.5 kg
Augusta Adventure Race Survivor (x2): 13km run, 2km swim, 16 km Kayak, 30 km mountain bike
2008/2009/2010 State Rower


CrossFit level 1 Coach (2022)
Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor (2016)

About Coach

I lived in many places around the world growing up and the easiest way I found to make friends was to get involved in sport. I have played them all, but not all of them well. The one thing they all had in common was a sense of community, belonging and were great places to make friends. <br /> During my Uni years I was a state rower and social volleyball player ( court, beach AND indoor beach). <br /> After having my second child and loosing myself to the daily grind I started back into regular exercise at a local gym. That's where I met Coach Amy B! Soon the classes became a bit repetitive and boring so we thought we would try CrossFit at Sagitta... and we never looked back.

Turning Point

While always enjoying the social side of sport and exercise, it was still a way to maintain my weight and control the way my body looked. CrossFit changed every idea I had about exercising for looks. I now workout to prove to myself what my body can do, not what it can look like. I want to be in the gym to get bigger lifts and faster workout times.

Motivation & Passion

When I found CrossFit in 2019, I was instantly in love. With such a tight schedule the idea of getting so much in on one program (strength, cardio, gymnastics) was so appealing. Getting better was so addictive. On top of that I found a community that really supported each other! I remember getting my first 60kg clean at the end of a workout - I was the only one still going- it wasn't the heaviest bar in the gym (or even close) but everyone exploded with cheers when I got it. <br /> I want everyone to feel as supported and encouraged as I did that day! I want everyone to be proud of themselves and know we are proud too!

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