Mahue Leach - aka Marz

Mahue Leach - aka Marz



Crossfit Level 1 Certification, NLP Coach, NLP Life Coach

About Coach

Throughout my journey, I have achieved a Clean 100kg, Jerk 92.5kg, and Snatch 75kg. My prime focus at the moment is to stay healthy, have fun in my training and support those around me! My background is military, served in a few places and trained around the world, based and lived in and around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong where I studied Muay-Thai and Ju-Jitsu, moved back to NZ, and am now based here in Perth, have been training in Crossfit for the past 8 years and got the opportunity to Coach alongside some talented and gifted coaching staff.

Turning Point

"Turning Point" interesting question but here goes... I've had a few turning points in my life, from as a kid thru to adulthood up until just recently, which was quite enlightening, I have been studying NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) which has allowed me the insight of who I am and how simple it is to change a negative thought pattern to a positive, but more importantly realizing my potential and not limiting my beliefs on how great I can be as a coach, as a partner, as a mate, the qualities that I hope I can pass onto our team but also the greater Crossfit community in Sagitta.....

Motivation & Passion

My Purpose for coaching is like this, K.I.S.S - (Keep it Simple Stupid) You see I'm passionate about giving, I'll give you 110% of my time so that you realize the potential you have inside you to reach your goals whether in life or in the gym, you may think "Life n Gym" While you exercise there is clarity, you see things differently you understand your purpose, yes you are tired that's part of the package, but now you're excited because you PBd a lift, its the same with life the ups and downs, and we are your guiding light thru the tunnel, we are YOUR TEAM of support..... Your Coaches, Your Crossfit community.....Your Passion.

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