Mathew Walker

Mathew Walker


95kg Snatch, 115kg Clean and jerk, 120 Jerk, 150 Back Squat


Crossfit Level 1

About Coach

I started up crossfit at 18 being relatively unathletic in my teens, from there I have been able to grow and develop gymnastic skills, strength in olympic lifting and general athleticism. I had played a lot of rugby in my youth and the strength and fitness I have found through crossfit has allowed me to show athleticism in Aussie rules footy now.

Turning Point

Learning about my own athleticism and how to develop it helped me to figure out I wanted to make a career out of it. I started pursuing crossfit more and enrolled in at UWA for their sport science degree. I am constantly trying to upskill myself and learn how I can better improve performance, lifestyle and overall health.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help others find the joy in improving. I know how to improve performance, strength and technique but being able to train with enjoyment and love the process has been largely what I attribute long term success too.

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