Shaun Tanner

Shaun Tanner


Some PBs I have achieved with Sagitta: 190 kg deadlift, 145 kg back squat, 110 kg clean and jerk and bar muscle ups!



About Coach

Growing up I never had that much interest in strength or sports. I was a very skinny kid with interests in math, science and music. It wasn't until after high school that I was introduced to a gym and found a passion for strength and conditioning. Now I have a love affair with the barbell and it takes a lot to keep me out of the gym.

Turning Point

After a few years of training at your everyday "globo-gym" I started to plateau and lose interest in training. in 2015 I was introduced to Crossfit by a close friend and haven't looked back. Crossfit brought everything I was missing; a sense of community; constantly varied programming; friendly competition and heaps more. Since starting my Crossfit journey I have made loads of new friends, developed countless new skills and hit more PRs than I can shake a stick at.

Motivation & Passion

The Crossfit community has given so much to me that I wanted to be able to give back and change lives the way that the sport has for me. That is why I became a coach and relish helping everyone along their individual journeys.

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